Meeting 2

On a cold Sunday morning, our trip to the Czech Republic started at the school at an unusually early time. Everyone was there on time so we were able to start our long journey through fog and snow in time. After found the right way to heat up our van, it went smoothly along Berlin, past Dresden and Prague. With a small detour via dark Czech roads and a treacherous 120° curve we arrived at Strakonice. Participants from our partner school were already waiting for us for a delicious and convivial dinner.

On Monday morning the day started with a very good breakfast. Shortly afterwards, around 7.30, we drove to school. The students were amazed at the size of the school and were curiously led through the rooms. They then took part in a joint e-technology lesson in the room that is to be designed by the project.

Later the visit to the mayor of Strakonice was on the schedule for the teachers and one Czech and one German student. We gave us quite some of his time, so that all of our questions could be answered and we had the opportunity to feel at home and eat sandwiches.

Meanwhile, the students attended physical education classes, which made them sweat profusely due to the intensive use of the school’s own equipment. However, they discovered that such a facility is still lacking at the Eutin school. Speaking of which, the students also remembered very positively the food in the canteen. And they were unanimous that there should be something like that at our school. The canteen is a very well thought-out idea to put a warm lunch on the table for every student, whether rich or poor.

The legendary Strakonice brewery was also very popular with everyone. However, it was also a bit of a shock when we were told the conditions under which some activities are done here and everyone agreed that they didn’t want to do the worst or the second worst job. Nevertheless, the finished beer was very confincing.

The visit to the city palace was also very impressive. However the students found it difficult to record so much interesting historical information in English. After a short break in the hotel, the evening meal with typical Czech specialties took place in the school’s restaurant – and yes it was very tasty and yes, we were a little jealous of this facility as well.

A visit to the VSTE (Vysoká škola technická a ekonomická v Českých Budějovicích) was due on Tuesday morning. This college supports the project as a partner of VOS and SPS Strakonice. The aim of the visit was to visit laboratory rooms in order to get a first overview of a possible organization of laboratory rooms. Furthermore, the students were given an additional insight into the educational system in the Czech Republic.

After this phase of work, culture was on the program again, in the form of a visit to the town of Český Krumlov, whose historic old town is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a cultural monument. The visit to the Christmas market and a historic restaurant did not neglect the culinary side either. And whether you allowed your sore feet to relax or processed the experience of walking through the castle tower was up to you.

Wednesday morning was again dominated by project work. The students compared the results of the research on company forms in Germany and the Czech Republic, the teachers use the time for some organizational coordination and finally we wanted to have a look at the other workshops of the school with the impressive machines.

After lunch we went back to Eutin, where we arrived late in the evening.