-About the project-

School life in the field of electronics and electrical engineering and related fields, such as robotics and mechatronics, is often standardized, improvised and less encouraging for students and teachers at vocational schools. There is a big discrepancy in the working environment between professional reality and what happens in the classroom. Thus, in addition to the technical equipment, primarily the interior design is meant. To make matters worse, this learning environment leaves little scope for modern teaching concepts.

Over a period of 23 months, teachers and students at two vocational schools from Germany and the Czech Republic want to work towards a learning environment in their schools that promotes innovation and creativity, both on the students´ and the teachers´ side.

In cooperation with young and successful companies from the electrical engineering industry (socalled start-ups), premises are to be created according to their model. In the process of interior design, the participating students should be strongly involved.

Teachers focus on working in collaboration with e.g. IQSH (Institute for Quality Development in Schools Schleswig-Holstein) to revise and develop teaching and teaching methods that, adapted to the premises, promote the desired innovativeness and creativity. On the Czech side, there is intensive cooperation with VŠTE České Budějovice University of Technology. Their lecturers and students are involved in the project as scientific advisors.

The results of this project are sustainable, as the newly designed learning environment will endure in the long term and the developed didactics and methodology will be exemplary and transferable to other professions. The occupational fields from the above mentioned areas should be made more attractive for female students by redesigning the learning environment and the didactics and methodology, as these are hardly to be found here.